War on the Free Realm

Vasknir the Murderer

Dillon and Greg embarked on a manhunt for an escaped orc prisoner charged with murdering many townsfolk. However, they quickly find out he has reunited with his clan and they must fight their way through orc soldiers and hell hounds to reach him. When they finally reach him, the orc leader lasts longer than expected but still was no match for their combined might. Strangely, he is not brought in for the bounty, however.

Dark Powers Awaken

Dillon defeats two mighty foes, a centaur and an ogre, with ease within the arena as he begins to fully understand the extent of a vampire’s dark powers

The Box awakens

In the middle of the night, the box erupts in demonic energy and in the ensuing energy blasts that follow, awakens ryan, dakota, judsen, tyler, and greg. Their characters are forced to battle vicious monsters and sneak through the town to find the box and figure out what happened to all of the missing townspeople. However, upon their arrival, a mighty Balrog appears and sets upon the party. When the battle seemed too difficult, dillon appeared out of the shadows to aid his fellow heroes. Together, they slew the mighty beast and saved the town. Before they knew what happened, they awoke to find the town back to normal and the box missing, no longer in their possession.

Back into the forest

Once they were joined by more party members, the party once again descended into the forest in search of the mysterious beast. They once again stumbled into the flying snake nest, however this time the animals were no match for the party and were quickly slain. Shortly after, the players encountered the beast they were after: a werewolf. After a lengthy battle, the werewolf lay slain at the heroes’ feet. Tyler leaves this quest with a new mysterious silver ring and a strange black box.

Adventuring into the forest
Farmer's request

Dillon, ryan, and tyler attempted to track down a mysterious beast through the wilderness outside of Kirindale. However, halfway through their trail brought them stumbling into a flying snake nest and they were attacked. After a series of misfortunes, they were forced to retreat, but not before slaying one of the snakes.

First adventure
Delivering goods to Kirindale

The party defeated bands of goblins, traveled through a cave, snuck through and escaped an underground goblin fortress, and found their way out of an uncharted cave. Complications arose at the end of the quest, but all players completed the quest safely.

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